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Phoenix Raceway will be the first venue to host the 2020 NASCAR Championship Weekend, which will take place from November 6-8, 2020, in Avondale. The first event ever held in the city of Avonale and the state of Arizona. The NASCAR championship race will be moved from its current home at Phoenix Motor Speedway in Phoenix, Arizona, to Phoenix Raceway for the second time in three years.

Phoenix Raceway is planning to mark the first championship race with a mural in the host city, which is appreciated for its commitment to public art and is looking forward to building on the heritage of the city of Avondale and its rich art history. As we are moving this event to Arizona for the first time, we want to make it feel big and special. In addition to the thousands of visitors that NASCAR Championship Week will bring to Avondale and the West Valley, Phoenix Raceways is commissioning a community painting as part of its Community Outreach Program. The mural was commissioned by Phoenix Racecourse to honour Championship Day, the first day of Championship week, and the thousands of visitors it will bring to Avondale's West Valley.

It shows how art can be cool, how it can make a community more beautiful and tell a story, "said Michael O'Donnell, president and chief executive of Phoenix Raceway. The mural pays tribute to the city's rich art history and its rich art history in the West Valley of Arizona. It shows the importance of public art in our community and how we can tell stories and history through the art of the people of Avondale and the community as a whole, "said Mark D'Amico, executive vice president of Phoenix Racecourse, Community Outreach and Community Engagement.

The Recreation Department has organized programs, courses and workshops to encourage outdoor play and teach its residents basic outdoor activities, including safe exploration and enjoying the desert. Donnie Hale Park is a great place to spend an afternoon with children and their loved ones. The area is 1800 square meters and has several water games where children can play and cool off on hot days. Whether you're looking for an entertaining book or want to learn more about the history of Avondale, the library has something for you.

The first element of public art will be located in downtown Avondale, located at the intersection of East Main Street and East Fourth Avenue in the heart of the city. The four different architectural styles of the houses will offer a rich variety of architecture to enhance the individual character of each house and enrich the overall street appearance of the municipality. Artists are encouraged to be as creative as possible to create public artworks that beautify the streetscape, capture the excitement of an upcoming championship race, and put Avonale on the map as a public art project. Outdoor art will feature sculptures and other museum objects - worthy installations that serve as inspiring spaces.

Those looking for a rental in Avondale, one of Arizona's most desirable neighborhoods, will find a plethora of suitable options.

Avondale has 10 different park locations, which can be used as you please or are intended for groups and organisations. Choose from a variety of private RV parks in Avondales, including one in the historic district of the city, one on the west side of the street and a few along the east side. Events and activities that take place in and around the historic corridor of Avonale should really be experienced by everyone. AvONDALE has 10 different park locations that you can enjoy as you please or choose for a group or organization.

Along the way, you will also discover unique places to shop, eat, shop or just sit back and watch people.

Art lovers can also visit the Catitude Gallery & Studio, an art center used by the community. Visitors can view works by different artists and participate in workshops to learn how to create their own artworks. Qualified artists are needed to present and discuss their concepts before a jury of local artists and community members. Take a photo tour of the houses available for rent and view artworks by local and national artists.

The selection takes into account the projects and professional experience of an artist. The selection process will take into account carefully the declaration submitted describing the project, the drawings and photos submitted and the quality of the submission.

We will choose the concept that best suits the project and the final decision will be made on the basis of the best representation of this concept in the 2020 championship race. The final decisions best reflect our vision for the 2020 championship race and represent our vision for the future.

One of the best places to picnic with the family in Avondale is the Festival Fields Park. There are also several public festivals, including the Tres Rios Nature and Earth Festival. Coldwater offers golf courses in Arizona and also offers a variety of outdoor events such as the Arizona State Fair and the Phoenix Open Golf Tournament.

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More About Avondale